Ketan Repairs & Services - Tally Password Recovery, Tally Data Recovery, Recover Tally Data, Corrupt Tally Recovery, Tally Vault
Tally Password Recovery, Tally Data Recovery, Recover Tally Data, Corrupt Tally Data Recovery, Tally Vault

1. Admin UserName & Password

It is stored in the COMPANY.??? file, in encrypted format, and can be recovered, by a technical person having some insight on file structure and reverse engineering skills. Generally many Tally Dealers or Users are capable of recovering this password, either by TDL programming, or by some tedious method, like making a dummy company, and transfering the files from password protected company to dummy company folder.

2. Vault Password

Unlike above Admin UserName & Password, Vault Password is not stored in any of the files. Instead, it is being used to generate 64bit key to encrypt all files, using DES algorithm. DES stands for Data Encryption Standard, and it is widely used for encrypting confidential information worldwide. To our knowledge, Tally may be the only Indian Accounting Software to implement DES Algorithm till date.

Recovery of Vault Password is nearly impossible, but due to human errors, it can be recovered uptill certain extent. Below mentioned are some of the human errors as per our experience.

- Short Length of Password, 95% users do not use more than 6 characters.

- Use of only UpperCASE or only LowerCASE characters, no special characters or numbers are used.

- Use of Common Passwords.

- Use of Common Names of People, Places, Gods etc, it can be easily matched from dictionary.

As per our Knowledge & Suggestion, the Password should be of minimum 10 Characters, including Numbers and Special Characters. The Vault Password can be recovered by using Brute-Force or Dictionary method, then also the above suggestion for password above 10 characters, is difficult to recover, or nearly impossible, as per current CPU speed available.

The current Brute-Force speed for finding a password, for DES encrypted data, is around 40,00,000 pass/sec on a Dual Core 2.8 Intel CPU. If BitSlice technique is used, then it may go around 10,00,00,000 pass/sec. Further, it can be implemented on NVidia CUDA technology, and speed will shoot up manifold.

The above mentioned speed is our assumption, on the basis of solution available for commercial DES protected applications.


Visible Keys

F4 – Contra, F5 – Payment, F6 – Receipt, F7 – Journal, F8 – Sales, F9 – Purchase

Visible Keys

Ctrl + F8 – Credit Note, Ctrl + F9 – Debit Note, Ctrl + F10 – Memos,

Visible Keys

F10 – Reversing, F11 – Functions And Features Screen, F12 – Configure Screen


Select A Company or Select The Accounts Button Screen

Alt + F1

Select The Inventory Button

Ctrl + F1

Payroll Vouchers To Alter


Change The Current Date or Company Inventory Features


Select The Company or Company Statutory & Taxation Features

Alt + 2

Duplicate A Voucher

Alt + A

Add A Voucher or Alter The Column In Columnar Report

Alt + C

Create A Master At A Voucher Screen or Access Auto Value Calculator In The Amount Field

Alt + D

To Delete A Voucher or To Delete A Master or To Delete A Column In Any Columnar Report

Alt + E

To Export The Report In ASCII, HTML OR XML Format

Alt + I

To Insert A Voucher or To Toggle Between Item And Accounting Invoice

Alt + L

Select  The Language Configuration

Alt + K

Select  The Keyboard Configuration

Alt + O

Upload The Report At Your Website

Alt + L

Language For Tally Interface

Alt + M

Email The Report

Alt + N

View The Report  In  Automatic Columns

Alt + P

Print The Report

Alt + R

Remove A Line In A Report

Alt + S

Bring Back A Line You Removed Using ALT+R

Alt + U

Retrieve The Last Line Which Is Deleted Using Alt + R          

Alt + V

From Invoice Screen To Bring Stock Journal Screen

Alt + W

View The Tally Web Browser

Alt + X

Cancel A Voucher In Day Book/List Of Vouchers

Ctrl + A

Accept A Form- The Screen Or Report Gets Accepted As It is

Ctrl + B

Select The Budget

Ctrl + Alt + B

Check The Company Statutory Details

Ctrl + C

The Cost Centre or Select The Cost Category

Ctrl + E

Select The Currencies

Ctrl + G

Select The Group

Ctrl + I

Select The Stock Items

Ctrl + Alt + I

Import Statutory Masters

Ctrl + L

Select The Ledger or Mark A Voucher As Optional

Ctrl + O

Select The Godowns

Ctrl + Q

Abandon A Form – It Quits That Screen Without Making Any Changes To It

Ctrl + R

Repeat Narration In The Same Voucher Type

Ctrl + Alt + R

Rewrite Data For A Company

Ctrl + S

Allows You To Alter Stock Item Master

Ctrl + U

Select The Units

Ctrl + V

Select The Voucher Types or Toggle Between Invoice And Voucher

Alt + F1

Close A Company or View Detailed Report or Explode A Line Into Its Details

Alt + F2

Change The Period

Alt + F3

Select The Company Info Menu or Create / Alter / Shut A Company

Alt + F4

Select The Purchase Order Voucher Type

Alt + F5

Select The Sales Order Voucher Type or To View Monthly And Quarterly Report

Alt + F6

Select The Rejection Out Voucher Type or To Change The Sales Order Voucher Type

Alt + F7

Select The Stock Journal Voucher Type or To Accept All The Audit Lists

Alt + F8

Select The Delivery Note Voucher Type or To View The Columnar Report

Alt + F9

Select The Receipt Note Voucher Type

Alt + F10

Select The Physical Stock Voucher Type

Alt + F12

Filter The Information Based On Monetary Value

Ctrl + F1

Select Payroll Vouchers For Alteration

Ctrl + Alt + F12

Advanced Configuration

Ctrl + Enter

Alter A Master While Making An Entry Or Viewing A Report

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